Welcome to the Vancouver Genre Writers



March, 2024

In our quest to find a suitable venue, we are currently meeting at Hero’s Welcome on Wednesdays nights, which is a shift from our long-term usual of Tuesdays. Since we don’t quite have our scheduling locked in yet, it’s important that you check either meetup.com/vancouver-genre-writers or our Discord server (scroll down for details) to get the most up-to-date information.


About Us

Dragons and spaceships and wizards, oh my!

Ever get the feeling every writing event in the city is literary focused? Participated in one too many classes and writing groups where people’s eyes glaze over if you bring up worldbuilding and fantastical plot ideas? Want to nerd out over the specific tropes and conventions in your niche genre? This might just be the place for you.

Though skewed heavily towards Fantasy and Science Fiction, we are a group of writers whose work spans the gamut of Mystery, Horror, Suspsense, Historical, Adventure, Romance, etc. Literary writers are welcome, but the primary aim of this group is to provide a space for us to let our geek flags fly. Since there are already so many meetups and events geared towards literary fiction, it’s my hope that we can build a community to the point where we eventually begin hosting our own readings and workshops.

One of the primary goals of VGW is to organize regular meetups at Vancouver cafes and bars. While we build a core group of interested members, our little hangout on the web is a Discord server open to anyone, even if you’re not sure you want to participate in a future meetup.

Chat With Us Between Meetups

Our primary social space is a server on Discord. If you’re not familiar with Discord, it’s very similar to the team collaboration software, Slack. Several of our members have already shared a bit about themselves in the introductions channel, so it’s a great way to get to know a bit about who you’ll be talking to at the next meetup. It’s also a way to keep the conversations going between in person meets.

The service is free, signup is quick and painless, and the chat works equally well in a browser or in any of the native apps available for every major operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS).

To join, click discordapp.com/invite/9TPheJD or hit the Connect button in the widget.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How often are meetups held?

A: Our somewhat more social meetups happen every other Tuesday. Check our Events Page or Discord chat for details.

We also have the occasional roundtable or workshop meetup in a quieter location.

Q: Where are meetups held?

A: Our monthly social meetups are currently being held at Craft Beer Market in Olympic Village. Scroll back up to the top of the page for details.

For smaller meetups, these will depend on who’s coming and whether we’re looking for something like a quiet café or a meeting room at the library.

Q: How can I contribute to the planning of meetups?

A: Join the Discord server. Most important conversations will happen there.

Q: Will there be critique or reading of work?

A: Yes! We now have a beginner critique group. If you’re interested in such a thing, please visit this page for more info: VGW Critique Group.

Q: Can I start a critique group with VGW members?

A: Sure! The best way to get something like this off the ground is to be a regular part of the community. Come to meetups, hang out in chat, and get to know other writers looking for something similar commitment. If you need help reaching out to people, let Mark know in chat and he’ll help get the word out.

At some point we may implement a process for finding writing buddies and critique partners.

Q: Will there ever be workshops taught by experienced writers?

A: Yes! In late 2018 we began with a series of simple workshops, some lecture format, and some discussion oriented. We hope to continue this trend of workshops, and are always looking for ways to bring new instructors on board.

Q: Should I join the meetup.com group?

A: Yes! Meetup.com is our primary organizational tool. If you would like to attend RSVP only events in the future, this is the single point of contact for VGW.

You can find us at meetup.com/Vancouver-Genre-Writers/

Q: Do people really ask these questions frequently?

A: Not really. This whole thing is too new for anyone to have had a chance. They’re the kind of questions people might ask frequently, though?