Resources for Writers

If you want more info than you can digest in any reasonable period of time, head on over to reddit for the very thorough Big List of Resources for Fantasy Writers. Rather than reproduce /u/alexsbradshaw‘s work here, this page will highlight those resources VGW members have found particularly useful.

Podcasts & Youtube Videos

  • Brandon Sanderson’s 2015 BYU Lectures – This is one of the single greatest resources for any new genre writer. Each of the 14 lectures are a touch over one hour long, and they cover a very solid spread of practical information. 10/10 cannot recommend enough.
  • Writing Excuses Podcast – These short (15ish minutes) podcasts hit a number of themes applicable to writing in general. With Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Dan Wells, and Howard Tayler as core hosts; the content is often genre specific. This is a great place for newer writers to begin. Most of the writing advice is timeless.
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcast – More than 150 episodes with interviews and conversations about marketing self-published SFF work. Hosted by Lindsay Buroker, Joseph Lallo, and Jeffrey M. Poole. Given the ever-changing nature of self-publishing, much of the early marketing advice has already become outdated, so don’t take any of the older episodes as gospel.

Local Conferences and Events

  • Creative Ink Festival – A little smaller than some of the others on this list, the Creative Ink Festival is a geared towards writers and is very genre inclusive.
  • Surrey International Writer’s Conference – Fairly expensive, but intense 3 day conference.
  • Vancouver Writer’s Festival – Although this festival is more towards readers and quite literary driven, it’s worth looking through the events each year to see if there are any interesting panels.
  • Word on the Street – Small and reader focused, but free and potentially a good venue for setting up a table to sell indie books?