May 28 2024


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Fortnightly Genre Writing Chat

This informal meetup is a chance for us to get together and chat about our writing projects or whatever other tangential topics emerge throughout the evening. Stuck and need encouragement? Have questions about world building, plotting, or publishing? Want to brag about the billion words you wrote last week? Or maybe you just need a little of that inspiration and social pressure that comes from hanging out with other people who do that beautiful and difficult thing you do.

Writing is a solitary and often frustrating activity, so come on out and let off a little steam with some people who can relate to the ups and downs of the writing life. This event is free for anyone to join.

Location: [TBD.We are currently trialing new venues.] Ask for the Writers Group when you arrive. If you’re worried about being able to find us, please visit the Discord chat and get in touch with someone in the #meetup channel.
Time: The event technically starts at 7 pm but sometimes people get there early. Again, see Discord for more info on any given night. We’ll hang out as long as people stick around. They do sometimes have to kick us out at closing time.
Focus: Please note that this is a social gathering, and we will not be reading or critiquing work.

Note: This is an automatically generated event notice. For full details on any given event, please join the conversation in our Discord server: and look in the #meetups channel.

If it’s your first time and you’re socially awkward (as many writers are, myself included), just find me (@Mark) on Discord I’ll make sure you’re not left hanging in the background! We are a very friendly bunch, and I encourage you to come out and give us a chance if you’re at all hesitant.

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